Departure Lounge


“Dougal Irvine gives us seventy-five energy filled minutes… joyous noise.” 4 stars Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard.


Clever compositions” 4 stars, Amanda Tricket, Metro.


Irvine’s songs are what really make this piece4 stars, Andrew Girvan, Whatsonstage.


“A major arrival for a new theatrical voice” 4 Stars, Mark Shenton, Sunday Express.



Britain’s Got Bhangra


“Not for the first time, Stratford East has given the British musical the kind of blood transfusion it urgently needs.” 4 stars, Michael Billington, The Guardian


“Pravesh Kumar, Dougal Irvine and Sumeet Chopra’s musical is a near perfect amalgamation of contemporary musical theatre and bollywood.” Paul Vale, The Stage.



In Touch


“Amongst a terrific crop of emerging new writers, Dougal Irvine is the real deal. He’s got original dramatic ideas and punchy musical motifs”  Mark Shenton, The Stage.


“The show is quirky, entertaining, intriguing, thought provoking and ultimately hopeful.” 4 Stars, Keith Patterson, Whatsonstage.




Blood Wedding

“..a powerful poetic charge, thrillingly underlined in this production’s use of Dougal Irvine’s beautiful score.” 4 stars, Mark Shenton, Sunday Express.



The Bacchae


“Dougal Irvine’s music gives them haunting harmonies…” 4 Stars, Libby Purves, The Times.



The Other School


Blissfully confident…..A book that is both challenging and audacious….Dougal Irvine writes alternatively moving and catchy tunes in a modern pop idiom that are absolutely original too.” Mark Shenton, The Stage


“Interesting plot….Irvine has written some serious contemporary hits….genius in the writing” 5 stars, Jemma Anderson, A Younger Theatre


“I can say I honestly enjoyed The Other School more than Matilda the musical” Peter St James, Musical Theatre Review

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